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Safety on Campus

IMAWARE App for College

The ability to evolve the mind is a precious thing. As a parent, you have a sense of pride knowing your child is preparing themselves for a career and a life filled with unique experiences. You entrust the academic development and security of your loved ones to institutions that in certain cases are thousands of miles away.

Key IMAWARE App features for students & parents

Whether your loved ones are up the street or miles away, the IMAWARE App will give you real-time information regarding your loved one’s whereabouts instantly and give campus security accurate information to assist your loved ones quickly. With access to campus safety tips and other forms of distributing information, your loved ones will always have access to information that can assist them in reducing their risk of danger.

Quickly alert and inform individuals of their current situation and GPS location.

Campus Security now can quickly address the situation. Students can simultaneously activate several actions with one voice command

Our app can be used on and off campus and in any area with smartphone connectivity.

Feel safe during spring break knowing this tool can be used anywhere that has
smartphone services even international travels.

Dynamic Information based on your geographic location. Campus security can distribute critical information and alerts in seconds to all IMAWARE App users. Critical information in any location that supports our “Informed Community” program. Coming Soon “International Travel” support

Premium subscribers enjoy access to our 24/7 safety consultants who are there for you, no matter what interaction you might find yourself in.

The IMAWARE app is both audio and video enabled. During an interaction, both can be recorded for your records.

Feel Secure knowing that the account information is owned by the subscriber and no one else.

How it Works?

Getting started with IMAWARE is easy. Follow the simple steps below and get started with your interactive experience.

Download the App from either the Play Store or App store on your phone.

Create your profile, and choose your plan. We offer Free and Premium plans ranging from $2.99-$6.99 per month. Learn about the plan features here.

Community is what makes the IMAWARE Public Safety App the best available. We ensure that our users and our law enforcement partners can build a positive relationship through our interactive app and learning resources.

Enjoy the benefits that all of our member have. From the education, to the peace of mind. Join the community today and help us bring communities together.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Give yourself peace of mind, getting started is easy. Here are the most asked questions on how to work with the IMAWARE App.

Downloading is the easiest part, you can find the IMAWARE App of both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, OR you can click the correct link below to take you directly there!

No, the IMAWARE App itself is free, however, with a free plan you will have limited access to all of the amazing features that our higher tiered plans have.

From the start, the IMAWARE app will start recording the interaction, after you activate. Any of your emergency contacts will also be notified of the activation at that time.

We have multiple different options for paid plans of the IMAWARE App. Each has a monthly, quarterly or yearly plans, starting at $5.99/Mo.

Download & Register for the IMAWARE App!

Click the link below and get started and in touch with an IMAWARE representative, for more questions, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to walk you through all of the respective steps to getting started with IMAWARE.