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Building bridges between law enforcement, citizens, and the business system


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Public Safety

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Your partner for business

The Aware Strategies LLC, based in Sanford, Florida, develops programs to promote the safety of individuals in our community.

We have a new technology platform focused on being equally beneficial to citizens and law enforcement with the concept of easing the current rift between citizens and law enforcement officials.

Citizens benefit from our programs by having an extra record of all interactions, training to understand how to react in certain situations, and a mediator available to deescalate a situation if needed. Law enforcement benefits by having informed and educated citizens who also wish to deescalate a situation, while video recordings can help justify police officers actions if handled properly.

15 + Years of Experience

Our Trust Forever

Our Experience Be Your Guide


The vision of Aware Strategies is to be the foremost nationally recognized service organization promoting equality and fairness.


To provide impactful solutions to the issues we face as a society.


The first step in public safety is knowing your rights and responsibilities during interactions with authority.

Our Trust Forever

Our Leadership

Walter Brown

 Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Brown is responsible for driving the Aware Strategies vision. Developing a transparent, accountable, de-escalation tool that can be utilized by both civilians and law enforcement was the vision. With the help of his superior executive staff and board members, “I’m Aware” was created and will provide lifesaving services for all that utilize it.

Mr. Brown brings over 30 years of experience in the Technology and Security sectors. He has performed cyber defense operations, risk assessments, cyber investigations and has integrated cutting-edge technologies to improve security operations for the public and private organizations he has served.

As a veteran, Mr. Brown has served his country in the Marine Corps and a federal employee supporting aviation and security operations in the United States and its allied countries. His passion for developing innovative and efficient ways to improve or integrate technology into operational procedures has allowed him to be recognized by his superiors and colleagues as a problem solver.

Mayra Solorzano

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Solorzano is responsible for cash flow management, strategic initiatives and financial planning. Right hand to CEO to ensure financially sound decisions for resources and regulatory compliance.

Ms. Solorzano has 20 plus years of experience in the Public and Private Financial Management sectors, managing multi-billion-dollar programs.

She has also served as a consultant and contributor to several nonprofit organizations that benefit cancer, blindness, autism, domestic violence and sex trafficking awareness efforts.

Our Trust Forever

Our Trusted Partners