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How Does the IMAWARE Public Safety App Work?

Several key features of the IMAWARE app are designed to deescalate all interactions to help prevent regrettable situations in which one party is injured or killed. Due to the education that the police officer will have about the app itself, the officer will know that the civilian has some knowledge about their rights and the expectations and responsibilities that the civilian has during the interaction. The app’s presence is likely to help keep law enforcement officers calm and collected, knowing that all interactions will be recorded from the view inside the vehicle rather than simply relying on the police body camera footage if an incident were to occur.

If a user is pulled over or about to have any other interaction with police, the user can activate the IMAWARE app on their phone through a simple voice command. As soon as the app is launched, it will automatically alert the IMAWARE Emergency Contact with the location of the incident and request a Call Center Safety Consultant via video call. The Safety Consultant is heavily trained to guide civilians through situations to keep them calm. The Safety Consultant also incorporates key aspects of safety training protocols.

All interactions between the user, police officer, and Safety Consultant are recorded on the audio and video call feature of the application in the event it is needed in the future. if a situation escalates, the Safety Consultant can interject to calm the situation or even call 911 if needed to ensure other responding officers can arrive at the scene and begin the de-escalation process before any injuries. All video recordings will be time stamped to support court proceedings. Call Center services will be available 24/7/365 days.

Training and tutorials for civilians are key goals and features in the IMAWARE application. These training guides assist individuals in understanding how they should be accountable for their actions and designed to change the culture of how individuals interact with police. All training materials are designed to help everyday people understand their rights when interacting with law enforcement and understand their obligations.

A long-term goal includes having application users who undergo IMAWARE training programs be certified and entered into a database available to law enforcement so responding officers understand that the individual is certified and trained on how to act in situations. Ongoing training contributes to remaining current with police and citizen interaction issues within the community.

All IMAWARE account holders have the option to add an emergency point of contact for friends and family to be alerted in the event of an interaction with law enforcement. When the app is engaged, IMAWARE sends an alert to the point of contact to let them know that the user is interacting with the police and where the interaction is taking place. This provides additional protection in the event a situation escalates as friends and family members are informed of the location of the incident.  

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